Viga Spray In Pakistan


Made in Germany, Super Viga 150000 Long Time Delay Spray Price in Pakistan. 100% Imported & Original. No Side Effect. … ​Advantage: Increase sexual stamina and

Imported From : Germany || Size : 45 ml

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Viga Spray in Pakistan

Why we use delay spray?
Delay spray is used to control premature ejaculation in men. Premature ejaculation means your early discharging at the time of sex. Viga Spray in Pakistan is used to control early discharge. With the use of this delay spray, you can have more time to make your moment excited.

Key points of Viga spray in Pakistan
It will control your premature ejaculation
will give you more time to have sex
partner will be satisfier
How To Use it:
Here are some steps to use.

shake the bottle first
3 to 4 splashes on your penis upper and lower side
let it to be dry
After 20 minutes just clean your penis with any cloth or cotton
How it Works:

vitamin E
Side Effects:
if you use it on your whole private organ it will harmful for your organ. in side effect It will reduce your organ’s sensitivity and will also be effected on your erection that will not be maintain properly. your organ can be weak towards hard erection and also keep in mind don’t use it on daily basis.

Viga delay spray price is providing you Viga spray in Pakistan only in Rs. 1800/-.

Made by country:

Viga made by Germany and we are the only seller in Pakistan who is importing these sprays and selling in Pakistan to give you the original product.

Home delivery: has the option of jazz cash and bank transfer also has the option of cash on delivery of Viga spray in

keep it in room temperature
keep it away from children
don’t take it over splashes on your organ
shake it before use
Quantity: 45 ML

Made by: Germany

Packing: Box


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