Orthayu Balm In Pakistan


Orthayu Balm Price in Pakistan.The Orthayu Balm In Pakistan Is Made From 17 Effective Herbal Oils That Have Clinical And Therapeutic Properties That Help Relieve Pain From Joints, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Legs, Along With Muscular Pains And Swelling Without Having Any Side Effects To Body.Orthayu Balm Is A Balanced And Blended Formulation Of High Quality Essential Oils in Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad.


Orthayu Balm In Pakistan

Vediva Orthayu Balm In Pakistan
Vediva Orthayu Joint Pain Relief Balm Price In Pakistan
is a balanced and blended formulation of high quality essential oils to help in the treatment of joint pains. The balm is made from 17 effective herbal oils that have medicinal and therapeutic properties that help relieve pain in the joints, neck, shoulder, back, legs, along with muscular pains and swelling without any side effects.

Which Balm Is Best For Joint Pain?
Orthayu Knee Pain Balm Balm is a topical pain reliever that’s been around for decades. It contains the ingredients camphor and menthol, which create a cooling sensation and help to relieve muscle and joint pain. Research finds that Tiger Balm helpful for relieving muscular aches.

Advantages Of Using Orthayu Pain Relief Balm :
1-Cures Joint Pains

2-Relieves Back Pain

3-Cures Swollen Joints

4-Regular application on the influenced territory makes the joints more grounded and expands versatility

5-Useful in osteoarthritis, solidified joints and gout

6-Relieves Sprain

7-Relieves Painful Muscles

8-Relieves Neck Strain

9-Cures Rheumatoid Arthritis

10-Restores solid joints

Free Delivery Nation wide
Excellent Value For Money
High Quality Product
knee pain,shoulder pains
back pain,cervical spondilitis,arthritis
Rating value of Orthayu Balm is 4 out of 5.
Customer are happy using Orthayu Balm : 100%
World Best Joint Pain Relief Product ever
100% Natural Ingredients with No Harmfull metrial
No Side Effects
Storage Temperature -25C to 70C
Package Includes:
One Box
3 Jars
Instruction Manual
Delivery will be managed by
2 Days Required For Delivery
3 Days Checking Warranty
Exchange is ONLY valid in case of defected / faulty product claimed within 3 days of warranty
Exchange / Replacements will be Processed in 7 days


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